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Giuseppe Bramante was born on 23 September 1997 in Siracusa, he is a third-year senior. He is studying medicine at the university of Siena.


7 junior and 5 senior Italian titles

3 junior gold and 1 senior at European Championship

1 bronze medal at the summer Universiade in Taipei

1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronzes at junior World Championship in Taiwan


"My biggest dream is to leave a great memory of myself and pass my love for skating to the further generations.

My favorite time of the past season were the months of April, May and June because were full of races and I love skating against my competitors and pushing me always beyond the limits.

I started skating when I was 5 years old because many members of my family were passionate about this sport.

My favorite race is the 15.000 mt. elimination because I think that in this race I can give the best of me.

My sport idols are Cristiano Ronaldo and Jesse Owens because I think that they have changed the sport world. I like Cristiano Ronaldo because he is a great player inside the field and a great person outside.

I like staying in this team and passing times with my teammates both inside and outside the track because I think that a great team is a group even behind the curtains."


Daniele Di Stefano is a young skater born in Rome on 12 February 1999. He is a first-year senior.


35 Italian titles overall

4 junior European titles

3 junior World titles

"My biggest dream is to become an Olympian, and for this reason I hope that one day many people will appreciate skating due to the fact that (maybe) it will be an Olympic sport. If I have to dream big, I also want to win it.

My favorite time of the past season were the World championships in Nanjing where I had a great time with my teammates and where I won two gold medal in the 1.000 mt and in the 15.000 mt elimination.

I approached skating thanks to my parents when I was a little boy because they practiced it and I like very much, the fact that they have transmitted me their passion.

My favorite race is the 15.000 mt. elimination because, every time that I skate this distance I feel very good and I love to fight close against my competitors for the win.

My favorite sport idol is Fabio Francolini, because I think it’s a legend of this sport and I really appreciated skating and competing with him.

I really enjoy staying in this team and I love my teammates because I think they are my strength and achieve every goal can be easier if you have someone by your side."


Stefano Mareschi was born in Rome on 10 July 1995. He studies economics at university.


5 European junior title and 4 medals at the junior world championships

5 European senior titles

3 World senior medals

8 Italian senior titles

“The moment that I best remember of the last season was when I won the 1000 mt. in Lagos during the European Championships. Giuseppe Bramante and I were in the final (but we wouldn’t bet on it) and it was an unexpected title because I race for Giuseppe, as I have taken the European title the day before, but the race became a bit strange and we had to change our strategy.

The race I prefer the most is the 15 km. elimination, even if for many years it was a race in which I hardly succeed, and I felt more comfortable in the point race.

I have a really busy life between university, work and skate and sometimes I hardly manage to combine everything. In the morning I have to stay in the office, then during university, my lessons can finish at 20.00 so I may return home at 22.00 after my trainings and it’s very difficult because I am out of home since the morning, as I eat at university and I leave with my backpack with skates.

It’s difficult to find my favorite athlete because before being an athlete we are people and sometimes is uneasy to understand a person by only seeing him racing. I can say that, after knowing many athletes I will choose Fabio Francolini, with whom I have experienced some training weeks and championships when I was junior but overall the European Championship in Heerde, which was my first one. He was the leader both for experience and strength he gave me, and all of this helped me so much. It was absolutely amazing winning against him during the Italian Championships in Terni and finish close during the 15.000 mt in Scaltenigo.

This year we have a really competitive team both national and international. We have already done three races, and even if the weather wasn’t always good we are trying to find the best set up. I have to say that with Giuseppe I have shared a lot also in the Cadomotus team, when we were often without Davide or other Italian people.

I also believe that, sportively speaking, last year was the best one because we race together as the races in Germany testify. I think that we are a good team and this year we have two new members, one is Daniele, with who I have grown up and Michael is young, so we have to test him ahah.”


Roberto Fiorito was born in Siracusa on the 23 September 1996.


3 Italian seniors titles

2 European junior titles

1 bronze medal at junior world championship


Certainly, my favorite time of the past season was the period in which we have travelled with the team in order to race all over Europe with the best athletes in the world. I started skating for the first time when I was 3 years old and since then I fell in love with this sport. It is a passion that has been passing from my grandfather, to my father and after to me.

The races I prefer the most are the 500 mt. sprint and the 1000 mt. because I think that in these two races I can give the best of me also thanks to my good speed.I work at my family company and every day I try to do my best in order to combine job, skate and eat healthy.

One of my favorite athletes is surely Valentino Rossi because I believe that is determination and serenity during races distinguish him from the others.

My teammates are fantastic, it’s been a lot of time that I race with them and every race, thanks to them, I can collect a lot of experience. I can affirm that we have a good feeling, both inside and outside, also due to the fact that we are good friend also outside the track. For this reason I will always be thankful to Davide for having create this perfect team.


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