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Marchese Ikazuchi 525® skate

Marchese Ikazuchi 525® skate

PRODUCER: Marchese
PRICE: 975,00 €

Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of your enemy’s unpreparedness.

- Sun Tzu

The Marchese Ikazuchi 525 is the weapon of choice for prepared warriors trained in the art of winning.

The rumors are true. Cado Motus and Marchese Racing have joined forces to create the ultimate long-track weapon. These are the skates you've been waiting for. In a sport where fractions of a second determine victory, this new set-up will make your next stride matter more by sharpening your winning advantage.

The boots: Marchese semi-custom craftsmanship, world-class attention to detail, uncompromising demand for excellence. They are the platform for greatness.

The blades: Record blades, unmistakable by its unique 'Open Tube' finish, features:
- Reynolds 525 ChromeMoly tube
- High-precision robot laser welding that ensures a lifetime blade-to-runner fixation
- HSS-grade bimetal runner for the best glide properties and sharpest blade possible
- 7075-grade aluminium clap system fitted with 688 cartridge bearings: lightweight, strong and durable
- zero friction TwinCam ILQ ball bearings
- Oversized linear springs to increase performance lifetime
- Standard 21m rocker

Interchangeable with other Marchese tubes Reynolds 953 and SilverSaya

A 150 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU38 - 40.5 and fit on Marchese 15.5" to 16.5" blades
A 165 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU40 - 43 and fit on Marchese 16.0" to 17.0" blades
A 180 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU42 - 45 and fit on Marchese 17.0" to 18.0" blades
A 195 bridge is suitable for boot sizes EU45 - 47 and fit on Marchese 17.5" to 18.5" blades

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