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Mariani HERO
Mariani HERO Mariani HERO Mariani HERO

Mariani HERO

PRODUCER: Mariani Skates

Last one arrived in order of time, MARIANI HERO boot diversifies itself from the others due to the design and the materials used. For the upper shoe, we have decided to use a reinforced PU with a fabric in Cordura, which makes the boot even more resistant. The graphic, printed in digital, makes your boot more similar to a sneaker and it’s for this reason that it’s particularly adapted to an audience that is looking for a different product with a new look. To produce the shell, we use an epoxy resin, created by us. MARIANI HERO is also thermoformable and realized in carbon/glass. The 4 different colors allow you to choose the one, that best adapts to you. The version “Black Gloss” diversify from others because the upper shoe is realized in microfiber. Have you already chosen your favorite one?

Sizes from 36 to 42 (226 – 268 mm)

195 mm

45° Buckle/laces

Heat moldable shell

Upper shoe PU/Cordura

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