Q&A with Adelia

You are one of the only athletes to have won the shortest and longest race at Worlds. Can you explain how you were able to accomplish this feat?

I have always defined myself as a fast distance-skater with an outstanding reaction off the start. Then, good tactics took full advantage of the wake to enjoy a good sprint even in distance races! I was not too fond of point races; I suffered too much, even if sometimes I was “forced” to do them. 🙂

You and Davide are from the same region. Can you tell us when and how you met?

Davide and I were on the same team. Part of my results was due to Davide pulling me and helping me train harder! Davide was a strong skater and helped me push my limits even further! Then, he was a serious, focused, determined, and charismatic athlete, and he conveyed all these characteristics to the whole team…we could not have had a better sparring partner!

At the end of the ’90s and the beginning of the 2000s, you were a crack, while Davide began the success story of Mariani Skates. Do you remember how your collaboration began?

I’ve always had an excellent relationship with Davide, even at work. From the day he started making boots, I would only wear his until the end of my career. I can tell you that the day before an Italian marathon championship, Davide delivered me a pair of custom boots, and without even trying them once, I went straight to the race and clinched the victory.

Another anecdote: I remember a pair of boots that fitted me so well that I didn’t even have to tighten my laces; I would tight the ratchet!
Now that I coach a competitive team, the bond remained unchanged, always tight and collaborative.


20 years on, your friendly relationship has lasted and gone beyond the usual sports partnership. Can you explain why?

I believe that there is always great mutual respect, fairness, and professionalism….plus, of course, the values of friendship.




🥇 3x World Champion

🥇 23x European Champion

🥇 50x National Champion



Davide's point


You have known Adelia for years. Can you remember the first pair of boots you’ve made for her?

Yes, I remember. It was late in the season, and we still had the national marathon championship left. There was something wrong with the boots she was wearing at the time, so she asked me if I could make her a new pair. We were competing for the same team and training together. I knew how much she trained and how much she cared. In the end, she rewarded me a heap more with all the work we’ve done together.


She was in a league of her own at some point; how proud were you to work with her?

Adelia is the kind of athlete who believes in hard work and proves it with facts. I’m proud to have worked with her because even when she was tired, she would never give up nor complain. We would do one more set before really being done. That was our way of working.


She’s been involved on the local scene ever since hanging up her skates. It is rare to see ex-champions being this devoted to younger generations. What does that mean for you, since you live in the same area?

She has created a skating school, coaches a skating team, and works with the federation. For me, it’s great to have a passionate and skillful friend who works in the area and does her very best to help our sport grow.


20 years on, you still work together. What makes the relationship that strong?

We have remained very close ever since hanging up our skates. The philosophy has always remained the same. The important thing is not to win but to do things right without thinking much about the outcome. In the end, we probably managed to create the necessary feeling to believe in each other.


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