Q&A with Giuseppe


Being part of the Mariani team means being an integral part of a project that goes well beyond the usual sponsor-athlete relationship. What does it mean to you?

It means having the opportunity to be involved in the R&D process, which gives me a real edge as an athlete. I get the chance to test and develop new and innovative products that I can tailor to my needs. Finally, once these products hit the market, I can feel proud of the work done altogether.


To what extent has the Mariani team been a factor of progress that has helped you achieve results at an international level?

From a sporting point of view, the team has helped me grow and get stronger. Having access to the best products and being surrounded by people striving for the best possible has contributed to many of my goals. It pushed me beyond my limits and helped me elevate my level of dedication and be relentlessly focused on my goals.


For over 15 years, several members of the team have managed to become World Champions. Does it inspire and motivate you to be the next one?

If I look at the “past,” I would say that I am quite motivated to be the next World Champion. In reality, I’m deadly focused on it!


How do you manage to maintain a professional athlete’s daily commitment in the pandemic period without knowing if you will race in the coming months?

It is pretty hard to stay focus, just as it is difficult to plan hypothetical races. At the moment, we are experiencing a bit of “uncertainty,” but we must be ready to race at the highest level as soon as racing resumes.




🥇 5x European Champion

🥇 12x National Champion

🥇 1x Junior World Champion


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