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Being part of the Mariani team means being an integral part of a project that goes well beyond the usual sponsor-athlete relationship. What does it mean to you?

For me, being an integral part of the Mariani project is such a great honor. It pushes me to go beyond my limits when training and overachieve at every race, not only to reach my personal goals but, more importantly, to be up with the challenge and meet the Marani « standards.» As team members, we are duty-bound to deliver, and this is why I’m aiming at going higher and higher.


To what extent has the Mariani team been a factor of progress that has helped you achieve results at an international level?

As a skater and human being, having the chance to be part of such a team has had a key role in my development. We all joined the team quite young, and I feel that we are now grown-up. Over the years, I’ve got the chance to race the best skaters nationwide and worldwide and contest the biggest events, which we all know is the only way to get up to speed and become a World Champion. Without the help of Davide and the team, that would have clearly been mission impossible. Thanks to that experience, I have matured a lot, which hopefully will help me try and become World Champion.


For over 15 years, several members of the team have managed to become World Champions. Does it inspire and motivate you to be the next one?

Taking a look at the team legacy has always spurred me to go full throttle and believe in what I do. Knowing that former team members have achieved it is definitely the inspiration that drives me towards that goal. That also boots me to do twice as much at training, and I have great hopes to make it. I do not doubt that my mates and Davide will provide great help to do so.


How do you manage to maintain a professional athlete’s daily commitment in the pandemic period without knowing if you will race in the coming months?

It has been challenging to keep up with the required seriousness and intensity at training, given that even now, there is no real race schedule. One of the factors that have made me stick to that daily commitment is the project we have as a team and knowing that each of us sticks to the plan. That kept me « alive » and helped me move on as an athlete.




🥈 1x Silver medalist at the Youth Olympic Games

🥈 1x Silver medalist at the Junior World Championships

🥉 2x Bronze medalist at the Junior World Championships

🥇 6x Junior European Champion


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