Name: Martina Zanini
Club: Polisportiva Bellusco

Career Highlights:
🥇 5x European Champion
🥈 5x Silver Medalist at the European Championships
🥉 3x Bronze Medalist at the European Championships


How do changes in your life have affected your relationship with skating?

After graduating from high school, I have decided to enroll at university. I really poured myself into it, which means that it’s been challenging to continue skating at a high level, given the amount of stress it generates. Therefore, I decided to keep training mostly for fun.

Being involved in such a project, especially on the corporate side, is quite special. What does that mean to you?

Since my dream is to work in a communication and marketing department, I really have to thank Davide for giving me this fantastic opportunity to see how things are managed in a real work environment and practice what I’ve learned at university.

Which part of your attitude has helped you achieve results on the international scene?

I think that my determination and dedication daily are the two factors that have helped me most in achieving results. Since I am a perfectionist, I have always been super critical of myself, which has helped me through my journey as an athlete. No self-indulgence is key to success!

What does inspire and motivates you to keep skating?

I truly believe that, although I can no longer compete at the highest level, the feeling of freedom that I experience every time I put my skates on is what makes me tick. It is also my way out when something isn’t working as I’d like.

Thanks, Martina. Let’s make that new journey wide open ahead of us another success story.