Name: Gabriele Cannoni
Club: SSD Mens Sana In Corpore Sano Siena S

Career Highlights:
🥇 3x European Champion
🥈 1x Silver Medalist at the World Championships
🥉 2x Bronze Medalist at the World Championships


What does it mean to you being an integral part of a project that goes beyond the usual sponsor-athlete relationships?

Being part of this project is very significant to me because I think it is a great opportunity to get in touch with more experienced people who can give me precious advice … and beyond that, it is always a pleasure to have a chat with Davide and the boys!

Which part of your attitude has helped you to achieve results on the international scene?

The thing that has helped me most to achieve results on the international scene is surely my will to outperform. Never giving up even when legs are burning and breath is missing is the way to go.

For over 15 years, several members of the Mariani team have managed to become World Champions. Does it inspire and motivate you to be the next one?

Without any doubt, knowing that former team members got the grail motivates me to improve constantly, given that becoming a World Champion one day is one of the most ambitious goals a speed-skater can pursue, even facing the present situation, which proved to be challenging for us all.